Professional Career


Name and type of organization


Main emphasis

since 10/2015

RWTH Aachen University

Chair and Institute of Highway Engineering

PhD fellow Development of piezoresistive concrete sensors for traffic monitoring

05/2013 - 10/2015

University of Aveiro – Department of Civil Engineering PhD fellow Study of the electrical parameters of cement-based composites loaded with carbon nanoparticles

11/2012 - 04/2013

University of Leoben – Department of Materials Engineering

Research fellow

Molecular Dynamics modelling of carbon nanostructured materials

02/2012 - 10/2012

University of Aveiro – Department of Civil Engineering

Research fellow

Finite element modelling of carbon nanostructured materials

2006 - 2011

University of Aveiro

M.Sc. Civil engineering

Research focus

  • Multifunctional construction materials
  • Road Monitoring
  • Concrete design

Teaching tasks

Responsible for the practical classes of the module “Rigid Pavements Design” (Übung Bautechnik I – Starre Befestigung)



Piezoresistive Sensitive Concrete for Traffic Monitoring

Nanomechanics of 1D Materials

DFG – Hydro-mechanical interaction in permeable pavement structures subjected to partial saturated sates


Research Gate



Title Author(s)
[Journal Article]
Self-sensing piezoresistive cement composite loaded with carbon black particles
In: Cement and concrete composites, 81, 59-65, 2017
[DOI: 10.1016/j.cemconcomp.2017.04.009]
Monteiro, André Oliveirinha
Cachim, Paulo B.
Costa, Pedro M. F. J.
[Journal Article]
A pressure-sensitive carbon black cement composite for traffic monitoring
In: Construction and building materials, 154, 1079-1086, 2017
[DOI: 10.1016/j.conbuildmat.2017.08.053]
Monteiro, André Oliveirinha
Loredo, A.
Costa, P. M. F. J.
Oeser, Markus
Cachim, P. B.
[Contribution to a book, Contribution to a conference proceedings]
Sensitive Smart Concrete Loaded with Carbon Black Nanoparticles for Traffic Monitoring
In: Fourth Conference on Smart Monitoring, Assessment and Rehabilitation of Civil Structures : SMAR 2017, Zurich/Switzerland, 13 - 15 September 2017, ETH Zurich / Edited by Masoud Motavalli, Alper Ilki, Bernadette Havranek and Pinar Inci, 2017
Monteiro, André Oliveirinha
Cachim, P. B.
Costa, P. M. F. J.
Oeser, Markus