Traffic Engineering


The Institute of Highway Engineering deals with central topics of road planning and equipment, traffic flow as well as road safety.

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The focus of work in the field of road planning are all issues concerning traffic control, taking into account parameters of traffic safety and quality, as well as research into the effects of workplaces and their optimization on federal motorways.

A further area of ​​research is the investigation of the psychological perception and effect on the driver of, as for example spatial routing elements and cross-sectional types, as well as street equipment. Especially for this research area, the institute can rely on state-of-the-art simulation techniques and its own driving simulator.

The Transport and Operations section deals with organizational measures to improve traffic flow on roads. The most important areas of activity and research at the Institute of Highway Engineering in Aachen are:


Traffic data acquisition and analysis

Traffic control and safety

Management of road construction sites


The Institute of Highway Engineering Aachen can look back on extensive experience in the areas mentioned above. This relates to the field of research as well as the field of application in practice.