Roads as Data Generator

  Graphic: City view with buildings and vehicles Copyright: © ISAC

(Nano)-technological approaches have contributed to the development of a new generation of multifunctional and sensitive materials, e.g. piezoresistive materials. With a sensitive road surface layer made of piezoresistive material, load positions of vehicles can be recorded over a wide area and with high spatial and temporal precision by continuously measuring the electrical resistance. The recorded data is pre-processed, transferred to "roadside units" and forwarded to traffic data centers, for example. In the data centers, the data is aggregated, blended with other information, checked for plausibility and information on traffic volume, load or the structural condition of the roads is determined. Other information, such as visibility, temperature, rain and wind conditions or the smoothness of the road surface, is already being determined at specific points on important routes and transmitted to traffic data centers.


Sample Projects

ACCorD - Corridor for New Mobility Aachen – Düsseldorf


InTraSens - Intelligent Traffic Sensors

RWTH Start-Up - Development of Pavement Surface Materials with Sensing-Capabilities for Application in Intelligent Transportation Systems

MeBeSafe - Measures for Behaving Safely in Traffic