Roads as Energy Transmitters

  Graphic: City view with buildings and vehicles Copyright: © ISAC

Fast and convenient charging of e-vehicles can be realized without contact via inductive energy transfer. A magnetic field is generated in a primary coil embedded in the road, which induces a voltage in the secondary coil installed in the vehicle. Sensors in the road detect the vehicles concerned and trigger the energy transfer. The magnetic field required for this is only built up below the vehicles segment by segment and is switched off immediately when the vehicle leaves the segment in question. Other road users, such as pedestrians or cyclists, do not enter the field's effective range. The underside of the e-vehicles is covered with aluminum plates so that sensitive components and the vehicle occupants are shielded. With the systems currently available, charging powers of 20 to approx. 200 kW and efficiencies of over 90 % can be realized.


Sample Projects

InductInfra - Inductive dynamic energy supply of vehicles via road traffic infrastructure