Unsealing of Traffic Areas

  Graphic: City view with rain, buildings and vehicles Copyright: © ISAC

A first constructive solution is the introduction of permeable pavements for traffic routes, in which special open-pored asphalts or concretes or concrete segments and, if necessary, natural stone pavers are used. By infiltrating the rainwater into the layers, the accumulating surface water can be quickly drained. The result is reduced peak water runoff and relief of drainage systems. Increased infiltration capacity of the traffic area can significantly improve groundwater recharge, especially in urban areas. The natural infiltration process leads to a hydraulic supply of the surrounding flora. However, approaches to the optimal synthesis of building materials for permeable construction are currently still lacking in some cases. Basic principles have been developed in a large number of projects at the institute and form an excellent basis for the next steps towards a sustainable infrastructure.


Sample Projects

Hydro-Mechanical Interaction in permeable pavement structures under partially saturated conditions