Dr.-Ing. habil., Universitätsprofessor i.R.

Bernhard Steinauer

University Professor retired

Bernhard Steinauer
Lehrstuhl und Institut für Straßenwesen


Building: 2130 Bauingenieurwesen

Room: 227

Mies-van-der-Rohe-Straße 1

52074 Aachen


Phone: +49 241 80 25220
Fax: +49 241 80 22141
Professional background
1965 - 1969 studied at the Technical University of Munich
1971 - 1972 Dealer's office Bavaria with state examination
1973 - 1982 Head of Department at Landshut Road Construction Authority
1983 - 1985 Highway Directorate North Bavaria Nuremberg
Planning reference for the new construction of the A 7 Autobahn Würzburg - Ulm
1985 - 1987 Highway Directorate North Bavaria
Area manager for entertainment and operations
1987 - 1991 Highway Directorate South Bavaria
Head of the road traffic authority and responsible for traffic engineering - Development of a road surface management with the focus on grip measurements and their assessment for traffic safety
1991 Promotion at the University of Munich-Neubiberg: "Stochastic and periodic bumps on roads"
1991 - 1995 Planning Director at the motorway authority of Southern Bavaria. Responsible for the construction of the A 96 Munich - Kempten and the B 2 new Munich - Garmisch with tunnel Farchant.
1994 Habilitation at the University of Munich-Neubiberg: "Harmonization between trafficability status and road standard"
1995 Speaker at the Ministry of the Interior in Munich
since Okt. 1995 Holder of the Department of Roads, Earth and Tunnel Construction and Director of the Institute of Roads Aachen (ISAC, RWTH Aachen)
ab 2010 Guest professor at Southeast University Nanjing / China Press release


    Collaboration in research committees, trade associations and associations

    • PIARC Technical Committee (T.C.) 4.2
    • Member of the German delegation of the DACH organization
    • Delegate of the Research Society for Road and Traffic Research (FGSV) in the Scientific Council of the Working Group of Industrial Research Associations "Otto von Guericke" e.V. (AiF)
    • Head of the working group "Karolingisches Aachen"
    • Member of the program committee VDI

    Research Company for Road and Transport (FGSV)

    • Working Committee 2.1 "Motorways (Member)
    • Steering Committee 3.0 "Traffic management and traffic safety" (Member)
    • Working Group 3.5.4 "Securing Workstations" (Member)
    • Working Committee 3.8 "Equipment and operation of road tunnels" (Member)
    • Working Committee 3.9 "Accident Investigations, Safety Measures" (Head)
    • Steering Committee 4.0 "Vehicle and Roadway" (Member)
    • Working Committee 4.3 "Surface Properties" (ladder)
    • Working group 4.3.2 "Flatness" (guest)
    • Working group 4.3.3 "Roughness" (leader)
    • Working Committee 4.8 "Dimensioning & standardization of traffic area attachments" (Member)

    Other Activities

    • Expert for the Federal Court of Justice in Karlsruhe
    • Expert for land courts
    • Expert for road and traffic engineering issues
    • Head of Building Materials Testing Center certified according to "RAP-Stra"

    Working group "Karolingisches Aachen"

    Upcomin event:

    19th June 2018 7pm at Centre Charlemagne: Neues Stadtmuseum Aachen at Katschhof 1, 52062 Aachen

    Prof. Dr. Florian Hartmann - Between curiosity, progress and blasphemy - On dealing with ancient knowledge at the Carolingian court in Aaachen

    Referent Thema
    2018 Dipl.-Ing. Peter Schneider Castles, palaces, inns and cities as protection and supply of travelers on the coronation or army road from Sinzig / Rhine to Aachen
    2017 Priv.-Doz. Dr. Sebastian Ristow The bronzes of Aachen Cathedral: recent scientific and archaeological researches
    2016 Prof. Dr. phil. Klaus Freitag News about the history of the Roman surrounding countryside of Aachen
    2015 Prof. Dr. phil. Frank Pohle Researched, excavated and interpreted - 200 years of research history of the
    Carolingian Pfalz Aachen
    2015 Univ.-Prof. em. Dr. phil. D. Lohrman Alcuin and Karl the Great before 781
    2015 Prof. Dr. phil. Wolfgang Kuhoff From Constantine to Karl - late antiquity rule tradition in the Franconian-Roman empire
    2014 Bernd Remmler Searching for clues in France: the vanished palaces of Karl the Great
    2013 Priv.-Doz. Dr. Sebastian Ristow News on the evaluation of archaeological excavations from the last 120 years in the inner area of the Aachen Palatinate

    Prof. Dr. Wilfired Hartmann (Tübingen)

    Prof. Dr. Ralph-Johannes Lilie

    Karl the Great and Byzantium: proximity and distance

    There can only be one. Byzantium and the emperorship of Karl the Great

    2011 Prof. em. Dr.rer.nat. W. Oberschelp Karl the Great and the sky over Aachen - significance of celestial observations in the Middle Ages
    2011 Caspar Ehlers, PD Dr. The function of Aachen for the kingship of Karl the Great in comparison with other significant suburbs of the empire