The Institute of Highway Engineering Aachen has been acknowledged and recognized as an independent research institution for many years. A material testing center for road construction is property of the institut. Since 2008 a certified calibration station for SRT pendulum devices and outflow meter according to Moore is certified independently by the Federal Highway Research Institute, short: BASt.

In addition to our research and development work, our range of services also includes planning and consulting services in all areas of the specialist areas:

Road Construction Technology,

Road Planning, Operation and Traffic Engineering,

Tunnel equipment and operation.

Our contractors are European Union authorities, federal road and highway authorities, municipal administration and other public institutions, industrial and road construction companies, and building materials manufacturers and suppliers.

All actions of our employees are following the theme of customer satisfaction. The project work always takes place through a problem-oriented approach. Solutions are developed with great expertise, motivation and innovation. If sensible, the project is carried out in interdisciplinary cooperation with other departments of RWTH Aachen or even international universities and in cooperation with planning and engineering firms, consultants or industrial and road construction companies.

Through a focus in our continuous research and development work competences have developed in each discipline:

Road Construction Technology

Road planning


  • Intelligent Road
  • Optimized asphalt
  • Surface Properties
  • Workplace management
  • Traffic control
  • Traffic quality
  • Road safety
  • Tunnel safety
  • Ventilation of road tunnels