Dynamic Shear Rheometer


Addressing bitumen rheology is an essential part of performance testing of asphalt pavements. The tests to be conducted are standardised and are carried out with a classic rheometer (e.g. SmartPave).

In addition to the bitumen, the filler used (aggregates < 0.063 mm) has a decisive influence on the performance properties of the asphalt. New analysis methods using a high-performance rheometer (e.g. MCR 702 Multi Drive) enable the interaction of bitumen and filler to be quantified.


  • Address of bitumen rheology
  • Address of mortar rheology
  • Temperature and frequency sweep
  • MSCR test
  • Rotational viscosity

Characteristic Cata


  • Max torque: 200 mNm
  • Max. Temperature range: - 40 to + 200 °C

MCR 702 Multi Drive

  • Max torque: 230 mNm
  • Max. Temperature range: - 160 to + 600 °C