Universal testing machine with triaxial cell

  Universal Testing Machine with Triaxial Cell Copyright: © ISAC

Performance properties are of central importance for the design of road structures. The institute has 4 servo-hydraulic testing machines for performance response. A further testing machine with a spindle drive is available for the analysis of the low temperature behaviour.


  • Performance speech
    • Deformation properties
    • Fatigue properties
    • Low-temperature behaviour
  • Dynamic compression and tensile tests under defined temperature conditions
  • Stamp penetration tests
  • Splitting tensile tests
  • Bending tensile tests
  • Testing of the layer bond (dynamic and quasistatic)

Characteristic Data

Servo-hydraulic testing machines

  • Force: ± 50 kN (static tests)
  • Force: ± 26.5 kN (dynamic tests)
  • Frequency: up to 60 Hz
  • Temperature: -20°C to +60°C (cell)
  • Control: Freely programmable software

TRAVIS low temperature testing system (spindle drive)

  • Direct (uniaxial) tensile test UTST
  • Cooling test with restricted linear expansion TSRST
  • Uniaxial cyclic tensile test UCTST