Testing system according to Wehner/Schulz

  Stationary and mobile testing facility according to Wehner/Schulze Copyright: © ISAC

The Wehner/Schulze (PWS) test facility is used to measure the skid resistance of traffic surfaces. With this test system, the skid resistance potential of a traffic surface can be determined. As an alternative to the PSV method, the polishing resistance of aggregates can also be measured.

In this context, the roughness elements relevant for grip can also be recorded and analysed using a high-resolution optical texture measuring device (White Light Interferometer).


  • Skid resistance measurement
  • Skid resistance prognosis of traffic areas
  • Skid resistance potential of traffic areas
  • Resistance to polishing of aggregates

Characteristic Data

  • Rectangular samples: 26 cm x 32 cm
  • Cylindrical samples: Diameter 22,5 cm
  • Skid resistance measuring range: 100 km/h to 0 km/h,