Traffic Engineering - Equipment

  Driving simulator route Copyright: © ISAC

In addition to the equipment in the area of Road Construction Technology, various measuring systems for the detection of traffic-related and planning issues are available for the Institute of Highway Engineering.
Both check tests for traffic detection systems and complex traffic correlations for entire streets or road networks can be detected.

For the measurement of local parameters, speeds and traffic compositions, for instance side and bridge radar systems are used which can be extended by video detection and evaluation units. The optimal positioning of the video units is ensured amongst others by an 18m video mast. The determination of route-related parameters can be captured in detail by the use of correlation-optical sensors ,Corrsys-Datron, (for example for acceleration or deceleration operations) or via GPS-receivers for the determination of route speeds or driving times.

In recent years, the driver's psychology has exerted an increasing impact on planning processes in the area of new construction, reconstruction and traffic safety work.
As part of the Bachelor's / Master's degree restructuring, these findings should be integrated in teaching by means of modern technical solutions. For this purpose, a driving simulator laboratory short: isacFaSi, has been developed. With the help of real video dataor by a combination of alignment and visualization software, the driving simulator enables the illustration of any routes which in turn can be virtually passed through.