Performance Tests


New Ways of Condition Monitoring

Graphic: City with buildings, street and construction vehicles Copyright: © ISAC

There is also still room for innovation in the condition monitoring of already completed transport infrastructures. For example, we are breaking new ground in performance testing in Road Construction Technology with our current ARROWS project. The aim of the research effort is the conceptual development, prototypical construction and commissioning of a machine for assessing the fatigue susceptibility of asphalt pavements (Accelerated Rolling Wheel Load Simulator). The new device is intended to fully adapt the test conditions to real-life conditions for the first time and therefore represents a completely new approach compared to the laboratory equipment and large-scale investigations used to date. In this way, the prognostic potential of numerical simulations of the overall pavement structure is also to be significantly increased, since partial phenomena such as damage, healing, and cracking are also included in this way.


Sample Projects

ARROWS - Numerical and experimental development of an "Accelerated Repeated Rolling Wheel Load Simulator"

EvAH - Development of a test method for investigating the fatigue behavior of asphalt pavements on a half-scale