Nanomechanics of 1D-Materials

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The aim of this project was to investigate and characterize the mechanical response of 1D nanomaterials subjected to loading stimuli.

The tasks in the project were modeling and reproduction of the experiments on multi-walled carbon nanotubes with finite elements and molecular dynamic simulations.


  • A.O. Monteiro, P.B. Cachim and P.M.F.J. Costa: Mechanics of filled carbon nanotubes, Diamond & Related Materials, 2013.
  • A.O. Monteiro, P.M.F.J. Costa and P.B. Cachim: Finite element modelling of the mechanics of discrete carbon nanotubes filled with ZnS and comparison with experimental observations, Journal of Materials Science, 2014.
  • A.O. Monteiro, P.M.F.J. Costa, P.B. Cachim and D. Holec: Buckling of ZnS-filled single-walled carbon nanotubes - the influence of aspect ratio, Carbon, 2014.
  • P.B. Cachim, A.O. Monteiro, P.M.F.J. Costa, D. Holec: Numerical Modelling of Buckling Phenomenon in Carbon Nanotubes Filled with ZnS, Functionalized Engineering Materials and Their Applications, 2016.



FCT – Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology


A.O. Monteiro

Year of Completion