Process-Driven Automated Road Construction

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  Photo: Street construction Copyright: © ISAC

As a result of the elimination of quality-influencing weaknesses in the installation of asphalt in road construction (roads, railway lines, shipping routes, airfields), the duration of these structures is to be significantly increased by new approaches to automation, information technology and machine technology for the construction process.

Irrespective of the costs of building materials, this development will lead to a resource-conserving and more economical construction. The construction of demonstrators for parameter control of building material, installation and machine parameters, as well as for mixing material logistics and suitable machine technology for a mixture free of mix should contribute to a practice-oriented research and development work and consequently to the rapid implementation of the results in the road construction sector.

The use of the developed control and machine technology on construction measures of the road and city road construction, considering all relevant parameters for the installation quality and the service behavior of the road surfaces, is to be shown and eliminated the effectiveness of the elimination of quality-influencing weak points, including the roll insert. In particular, the interface problem between construction, application and machine technology present in the construction sector is to be eliminated.