Investigations on Seam Formation in Open-Pore Asphalt Pavement Layers

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Photo fo Dawei Wang © Copyright: ISAC


Dawei Wang

Professor of Harbin Institute of Technology, China


+49 241 80 22781



The investigations aimed at within the scope of this project will examine different design variants of the seam formation and work out suitable methods for the "treatment" of the seam flanks, so that the water flow as well as the necessary durability of the seam area is also ensured during the "hot to cold" paving of porous asphalts.

Another objective besides the durability of the seam design is to ensure sufficient water permeability in the seam area. From a scientific, technical and economic point of view, the paving of porous asphalts in strips without obstructing water drainage and with sufficient durability makes it possible to pave porous asphalts without (4+0) traffic routing or complete closure of entire stretches.

By "treating" the seam flanks without obstructing water drainage, repairs to existing sections (e.g. the right-hand lane of freeways) are also possible without major closures, since drainage within the layer continues to be ensured. This is the main economic benefit of the project.


  • "Untersuchungen zur Nahtausbildung in offenporigen Asphaltdeckschichten"
  • "Nahtausbildung bei Asphaltdeckschichten aus offenporigem Asphalt"