Basic Research on Polymeric Materials and Innovative Production and Installation Technologies for Road Surface Systems

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Sabine Tekampe

Deputy Head of Testing Facility


+49 241 80 25229



The aim of the project "Basic research into polymeric materials and innovative production and installation technologies for road surface systems" is the basic research into new materials for rollable road surfaces and also its installation and production technologies and processes. Through interdisciplinary collaboration between public and industrial research institutions and companies the potential will be evaluated.

A basic research focusses on the usage of polymer-based materials in combination with textile reinforcement structures. The durability and service properties, the grip and, in particular, the acoustic properties of common noise-reducing road surfaces, such as porous asphalt, must be significantly surpassed. The aim is to achieve a permanent noise-reducing effect with an acoustic and structural service life of several years.

The surface is designed as a multi-layer structure to meet the requirements of the acoustic properties known from previous projects. A top texture layer reduces sound generation, while an absorption layer underneath absorbs additional noise.

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As part of the HighTechMatBau funding initiative, various innovative design methods for roads were developed. One of them is the noise-reducing INNO-PAVE surface, which will be presented in the following video.



During the implementation of the INNO-PAVE project, we were able to rely on helpful support from interested companies. We would therefore like to express our sincere thanks to: