Road Load Data


Updating and Adapting Road Load Data for Dimensioning

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There is currently a set of rules for the standardized determination of road superstructures [RStO 12], an introduced set of rules for the dimensioning of asphalt and concrete pavements [RDO Asphalt 09, RDO Beton 09]. These are currently being revised by the FGSV working groups 4.5.6. and 4.5.7. Another set of rules in Germany is in progress for the evaluation of the structural substance for traffic surfaces in asphalt and concrete construction [RSO Asphalt 09, RSO Beton 09]. Each of these five codes requires input values from traffic impact to determine or dimension a road structure or to evaluate its structural substance.

Currently, there is a need to update some of the input values for the calculation of the traffic load, which is recorded in the codes as dimensioning-relevant load B or as an axle load collective divided into 1-ton classes.

The aim of the research work is to identify the axle load distributions (functions) as well as axle number factors fA for the different measuring points on the basis of the axle load weighings of the available, valid measuring points, to summarize these as far as possible and to determine from them the updated input variables required for the dimensioning.

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Federhal Highway Research Institute (BASt)


Villaret Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Hoppegarten/Moosburg

DTV-Verkehrsconsult GmbH, Aachen


Junior-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Pengfei Liu

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Ueckermann

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