BLP Acceptance


Extension of the Use of the Evaluated Longitudinal Profile for Construction-Related Applications and Comparison with the Conventional Acceptance Procedure

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Extension of the use of the evaluated longitudinal profile for construction-related applications and comparison with the conventional acceptance procedure

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The aim of this research project is to improve the "Longitudinal Longitude" (BLP) method for future construction contract applications. In addition, the comparability of conventional and more and more non-contact inspection methods shall be investigated . This includes not only the comparability of BLP and planograph measurements, but also the comparability of planographic measurements and latent simulation based on non-contact measured road length profiles.



Lehmann + Partner GmbH, Erfurt - on behalf of the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt)


Lehmann + Partner GmbH, Erfurt

IWS Messtechnik GmbH, Celle


Dr.-Ing. Andreas Ueckermann

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