Long-Term Road Damage due to Dynamic Wheel Load Fluctuations

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Pengfei Liu

Head of Modelling of Functionalized Materials Department


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The LASt project investigates the effects of dynamic wheel load elevations due to unevenness on the life span of the superstructure. The damage effect of different types of unevenness is investigated and a catalog of characteristic unevenness is compiled. The impact on the superstructure is determined by means of truck models, which have been parameterized with real measured axle weights. On the basis of two types of superstructure (asphalt, concrete) the damage is calculated on the basis of the increased dynamic loads and the remaining life is calculated. Finally, a comparison of injury and the longitudinal seizure parameter WLP (assessed longitudinal profile) follows in order to identify areas with severe damage at an early stage and to derive refurbishment proposals for utilization of the remaining life.