Development of an intelligent sustainability calculator of Infrastructure projects based on digital, georeferenced BIM models

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Problem Definition

Construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure is a major contributor to CO₂ emissions nationwide. Material consumption and other sustainability areas also have extensive potential for optimization. In the tenders for the construction measures, only the submitted bid prices are compared with each other. However, the European Public Procurement Directive of 2014 already provides the legal basis for including ecological and social criteria in the evaluation.

Project Objective

The aim is to develop an AI system for sustainability assessment and optimized use of resources for the planning and execution of road construction projects. The data basis is a digital 3D road model managed via a CDE platform, linked to a database with sustainability parameters. For the automated sustainability assessment, an AI-based decision support system will be designed, implemented and integrated as an extended module into this CDE platform.


At the beginning, a retrospective process analysis is carried out as well as the definition of reference processes and a guiding principle for sustainability in road construction. Subsequently, a sustainability system is developed and requirements for processes, the digital model and the systems (database, AI system) are defined. The digital model and the systems (database, AI system) are defined. Subsequently, the individual systems are implemented, prototyped and networked with each other. At the end, validation is carried out under real conditions on two demonstrators.