Construction Contract Flatness Measurements


Z1kl-GS4 Expert WLP EU VVoT: Expert Support of a Framework Contract for Flatness Measurements according to Construction Contracts

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Problem Definition

In Germany, the evenness of roads is anchored in the Additional Technical Terms of Contract (ZTV Asphalt-StB and ZTV Beton-StB) as well as other related technical regulations. At present, these require contacting measurement methods for the recording of evenness within the scope of the acceptance of the finished construction work. However, these methods are characterized by the fact that pronounced unevenness with a wavelength of > 4 m (corresponding to the length of the measuring devices) as well as periodic unevenness cannot be detected or detected only inadequately and thus cannot be evaluated within the scope of acceptance under the construction contract.

Project Objective

Within the scope of evenness measurements with the aid of high-speed measuring methods during pavement construction measures in various German states, an evaluation background is to be developed, on the basis of which the implementation of the weighted longitudinal profile (WLP) in the technical regulations of the construction contract is to take place. The evaluation of the evenness measurements is to be carried out both with the aid of conventional methods (planographs) and on the basis of the WLP in order to compare the results of the different evaluation systems and to document deviations and work out their reasons.


  • Reference to measurement data from high-speed evenness measurements on new pavement construction projects
  • Evaluation of evenness with the help of the evaluation method for the planograph as well as with the help of the WLP
  • Comparative analysis of the results and qualitative assessment of the two methods