Nano asphalt


Optimization of the properties and resistance of asphalt roads using nanotechnology

NANOASPHALT Copyright: © isac

Against the backdrop of years of increasing and constantly increasing demands on heavy traffic and the consequences of climate change, conventional asphalts are increasingly reaching the limits of their performance. Plastic deformations, mostly in the form of spurrins, as well as cracks due to material fatigue or cold effects, characterize the road-building picture and cause annually costs in billions.

From a scientific and technical point of view, the implementation of the project brings important insights into the synthesis of novel functional polymers, the behavior and the properties of the novel polymers and the interaction between polymers, nanoparticles and the solvent bitumen. Furthermore, the mechanical properties of the new building materials can be used to create fabric models that can be used in dimensioning and prognosis calculations, thus contributing to analytical design.