Development of a Dynamic Measurement Method for Non-Contact Determination of Road Grip

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The aim of the joint project "BeGriff" is to develop a novel non-contact measurement method for determining road grip.
The planned measuring device consists of a fast optical sensor that records the microtexture of the road surface with high resolution in the form of a profile and a computing algorithm integrated into the sensor that determines the friction value potential of the road surface from the profile.

The new measuring system should be able to determine the friction coefficient potential of a road surface and thus its grip without contact from a moving vehicle. It thus avoids the existing deficits of current skid resistance measurement methods; on the one hand in technical terms, since it provides a skid resistance value that is independent of the measurement principle, and on the other hand in economic terms, since skid resistance can be measured without great additional expense as part of network-wide condition recording.


  • FGSV - Arbeitsgruppentagung Infrastruktur 12./13.02.2009 "Entwicklungsstand zu berührungslosen Griffigkeitsmessungen"
  • "Development of a tool for predicting the wet grip potential of pavements"
  • "Fractal and Spectral Analysis of Aggregate Surface Profile in Polishing Process"
  • "Evolution of Aggregate Surface Characteristics in Polishing Process"
  • "Evolution of aggregate surface texture due to tyre-polishing"


Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy


CORRSYS-DATRON Sensorsysteme GmbH


Dr.-Ing. Andreas Ueckermann

Dr.-Ing. Christian Schulze

Dipl.-Ing. Dipl-Wirt.-Ing. André Meyer

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Schacht

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