Expansion of the EVA flatness measurement system



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Expansion of the EVA flatness measurement system by the longitudinal evaluation method "Rated longitudinal profile" to provide the possibility of a time-efficient result analysis of on-site measurements

The EFA evenness measurement system currently evaluates recorded longitudinal profiles on the basis of the state variables general unevenness, longitudinal evenness effect index as well as the standard deviations of the differences to the moving average.
These state variables should be supplemented by the longitudinal evenness evaluation procedure "Evaluated longitudinal profile".

With the help of the data of already recorded road sections, the function of the procedure for the above-mentioned area of application was to be proven.
For this purpose, the 4 unevenness evaluation methods were to be compared with each other.
In particular, the comparison between differences to the moving average and the evaluated longitudinal profile should be addressed.

The investigations carried out show that the latter are comparable with each other in terms of their sensitivity and suitability for longitudinal profile evaluation.
However, due to the presentation of results (2 instead of 8 indicators, 1 instead of 4 profiles), the Evaluated Longitudinal Profile is considered to be the more practicable method.


Federal Highway Research Institute

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Dr.-Ing. Andreas Ueckermann