Numerical and Experimental Development of an "Accelerated Repeated Rolling Wheel Load Simulator"

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  Concept sketch of the test instrument Copyright: © ISAC

Problem Definition

In the computational dimensioning of flexible pavements, special attention has to be paid to a realistic description of fatigue phenomena in asphalt layers caused by bending tensile stresses repeated millions of times. However, current experimental investigations show stress states and mechanisms of crack propagation that differ significantly from the states in real pavements.

Project Objective

  • Numerical-experimental supported conceptual development, the construction and the commissioning of the "Accelerated Wheel Load Simulator" (ARROWS) experimental device
  • Experimental characterization and numerical recording of the damage and healing phenomena of asphalt mixtures in pavement structures


  • Conception Development of the ARROWS experimental unit
  • Design and construction of the ARROWS laboratory apparatus
  • Experimental investigations of the long-term behavior of asphalt

  Photo of the ARROWS experimental unit Copyright: © ISAC   Development from crack to road hole Copyright: © ISAC   Illustration: Developent of cracks in asphalt layers Copyright: © ISAC Evolution of Cracks in Asphalt Layers