Past Traffic Engineering Projects

  Graphic: City, road and vehicles Copyright: © ISAC
Completed Traffic Engineering Projects (in alphabetical order)
ACCorD - Corridor for New Mobility Aachen – Düsseldorf
Application Criteria for Construction Operating Forms
BAG-Controls - Increased Safety in the Performance of BAG-Controls
Bridge Guard - Automatic Guidance and Control System for Bridges with Structural Deficiencies
Contribution to Winter Service - Exploring the Potential of Geothermal Energy as a Contribution to Winter Service
Development of New Guidelines for Road Construction - Part: Profitability Calculations (RAS-W) with Updating of Utility and Cost Components
Driver Assistance Systems in Utility Vehicles - Application of Driver Assistance Systems in Utility Vehicles
DROVA - Development of a Drone-Based Traffic Analysis to Optimize the Use of Existing Infrastructure by Federal Highways with Evaluation of the Suitability for Online Traffic Monitoring
Effectiveness: Traffic Management Systems - Real-Time Evaluation and Improvement of the Effectiveness of Preventive Dynamic Speed Limits in Linear Traffic Management Systems
Electronic Detection and Warning System - Electronic Detection and Warning System of False Drivers on Motorways Using Radio Technology
Examination of Habituation Effects - Investigation of Habituation Effects when Using Fluorescent Materials
FeGiS+ - Early Detection of Dangerous Areas in Traffic
I2V - Requirements of Automated Driving to Traffic Infrastructure
Impacts of Longer Trucks - Impacts of Long Trucks on the Safety and Flow of Traffic in Work Zones
Interchanges of Rural Roads - Level of Service of Grade-Separated and Compact Grade-Separated Interchanges of Rural Roads
Lighting of Night Construction Sites - Requirements for the Lighting of Night Construction Sites on Motorways
MeBeSafe - Measures for Behaving Safely in Traffic

Overhead Signals at Short-Term Roadworks - Effects of Overhead Signals on Traffic Flow and Road Safety at Short-Term Roadworks

Phase Models - Development of Phase Models for the Establishment of Workstations and Refinement of the Rules for Workplace Safety
Planning and Organization AkD - Planning and Organization of Short Term Roadworks on Federal Highways
Psychological Effect - Psychological Impact of Length of Construction Sites, Stagings and Arrangements on Traffic Participants
REALMOVES - Realtime Measurement of Road Quality Using On-Board Vehicle Sensors
Risk Assessments - Fundamentals for Simulation-Based Accident Risk Assessments
Road Safety - Traffic Safety on B2 and B1 Routes in North Rhine-Westphalia
Safety Assessment of Counter-Traffic Separation in Workplaces
SMANCY - Preliminary Study on the Conceptual Design and Implementation of an Automated and Context-Sensitive Warning and Information System for Road Users
Speed Trap Campagin - Accompanying Studies to Speed Trap Campaign
Traffic Control Systems - Impact of Failures on the Quality of Active Traffic Control Systems
Traffic Flow Assessment - Procedures for the Evaluation of the Traffic Flow on Motorways as an All-Year Analysis for Different Boundary Conditions
Traffic Flow and Traffic Safety at Workplaces - Traffic Flow and Traffic Safety at Workplaces on Motorways under Different Boundary Conditions
Traffic Safety in Driveways on Motorways -Traffic Safety in Driveways on Federal Highways

Vehicle Automation - Potential Social Benefits as a Result of Increasing Vehicle Automation