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Development of a drone-based traffic analysis to optimize the use of existing infrastructure by federal highways with evaluation of the suitability for online traffic monitoring - DROVA


An effective optimization of the existing transport infrastructure is indispensable due to constantly growing mobility needs. In this case, highly accurate microtraffic data, which describe the interaction of individual vehicles with the infrastructure and the vehicles among each other are necessary for a qualified analysis.

Project goal

The aim of the research project DROVA is the automated evaluation of drone-based video recordings for the derivation of microscopic traffic data. Based on selected applications, methods for the complete collection and analysis of the interaction of individual vehicles are developed and demonstrated.


The testing of the innovative drone-based traffic monitoring is carried in front of inflow control systems and before long-term roadworks on federal motorways. The vehicle movements in the video files are determined by means of an algorithm in order to evaluate the transverse and longitudinal traffic in the monitored area in an automated manner. On the basis of the results and experience gained from the application of the methodology to be developed, the assessment of the suitability of the method for on-line traffic monitoring with subsequent control is then provided.


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