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Problem Definition

In order to make the goal of "Vision Zero" a reality, it is essential to further reduce the number of accidents in the transport sector. To achieve this, among other things, a rethinking of the traffic infrastructure is of great importance. Innovative information and warning systems can contribute to greater safety for everyone involved in road traffic. This applies, for example, at locations with an increased accident risk for road users on foot or on bicycles.

Project Goal

Within the research project AdaptIn, behaviorally effective, adaptive interaction systems for traffic infrastructure will be developed. These will make the behavior of individual road users safer in particularly high-risk traffic areas. These novel systematic human-technology interaction systems allow for the first time to proactively design and minimize a risk before it even arises. In this way, a necessary basis for the fulfillment of "Vision Zero" is created.


The focus is on a user-oriented and demand-driven influence on the road user - independent of the technological equipment of the respective means of mobility. The rigid operating principle of existing systems is replaced by the interaction system anticipating critical events and reducing the risk of a dangerous situation. The traffic situation is recorded in real time and in full compliance with data protection requirements, and is mitigated accordingly on the basis of adaptive influencing by various light elements.


Dr.-Ing. Adrian Fazekas

Philipp-Armand Klee, M. Sc. RWTH

Serge Lamberty, M. Sc. RWTH