Life Cycle Cost Consideration

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In the research project an analysis of the investment and maintenance costs of housing constructions compared to classical tunnel constructions over the life cycle is carried out. In particular, consideration is given to the cost impact of ventilation and lighting design on the total costs. On the basis of the cost analysis, standardization concepts are developed for an economically optimized furnishing of enclosure structures taking into account the necessary safety level. An assessment tool is developed, which can be used in an early planning phase and is intended to provide an estimation of the expected cost differences between the open enclosure and the tunnel depending on the structural and operational design. The results of the research project are used to derive recommendations for the rules.



Federal Highway Research Institute


BUNG Ingenieure AG, Heidelberg


Dipl.-Ing. Thorsten Becher

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Klein

Year of Completion



  • Sicherheitsniveau und Lebenszykluskosten von Einhausungen bei Bundesfernstraßen