Tunnel lighting with LED and sodium vapor lamps


Comparative Study of the Effect of Tunnel Lighting with LED and Sodium Vapor Lamps on Vehicle Drivers

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In the study, a comparison was made of the interior lighting of tunnels. It compared the new LED lighting in the Höllberg Tunnel with conventional lighting using sodium vapor lamps in the Heidkopf Tunnel. The study consisted of a field test with a total of 33 test subjects (18 under daytime lighting, 15 under nighttime lighting) who drove through both tunnels as drivers and were subsequently questioned about this in a standardized interview. In the interviews, the subjects evaluated their subjective impression of the lighting quality in both tunnels. The aspects surveyed included the assessment of the recognizability of the course of the road in the tunnel, the perceived uniformity and color rendering of the lighting, and an overall evaluation of the lighting.