Longitudinal Ventilation Systems


Investigations on the Optimization of Longitudinal Ventilation Systems for Road Tunnels based on the Development of a Model Tunnel

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The overall aim of the research project is the optimization of longitudinal ventilation systems for road tunnels in regular operation and in a incident. Investigations of the flow-mechanical conditions in a model tunnel to be developed open up questions e.g. for the diffusion of smoke on a reduced scale. In addition, the applicability and meaningfulness of numerical simulation models are first checked and afterwards the models developed - based on the findings obtained at the model tunnel.



Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, represented by the Federal Highway Research Institute


Aerodynamic Institute of RWTH Aachen University


Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Klein


Vom Modelltunnel in den Realmaßstab, Aachener Tunnelsymposium, 23.06.2016

Investigations on Smoke Propagation with Longitudinal Ventilation by Means of a Model Tunnel, Proceedings on the 8th Symposium on Tunnel Safety and Ventilation

Strömungsmechanische Untersuchungen zur Optimierung von Längslüftungssystemen in Straßentunneln anhand eines Modelltunnels - Untersuchungsmethodik, Ergebnisse, numerische Simulationen, Wirtschaftlichkeit, Forschung + Praxis (Tagungsband zur STUVA-Tagung 2015)

Untersuchungen zur Optimierung von Längslüftungssystemen für Straßentunnel anhand eines Modelltunnels, Aachener Straßenbau- und Verkehrstage, 27.11.2015

Untersuchungen zur Längslüftung an einem Modelltunnel, Tagungsband zum BASt-Tunnelsymposium 2015

Strömungsmechanische Untersuchungen von Längslüftungssystemen, Aachener Straßenbau- und Verkehrstage, 23.11.2012