Highly Automated Tunnel Monitoring for Disaster Management and Regular Operation

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Highly automated tunnel monitoring for disaster management and regular operation

Road tunnels aswell as subways or airplanes represent particularly critical areas of mobility, since even minor causes can have a major impact, including disastrous catastrophes with many death sacrifices. A decisive starting point for increasing safety in road tunnels is the high-quality recording of the current threat situation in the tunnel.

The detection of the usually sporadically occurring danger situations is a very demanding task. The traditional monitoring concepts require the simultaneous and continuous monitoring of a large number of monitoring monitors. In the case of complex damage events caused, for example, by stops distributed several times in the tunnel or by a large fire, it is impossible for the operators to keep an overview of the situation in the tunnel.

In cooperation with the company HFC from Berlin and SPI from Dresden, a new man-machine interface for the tunnel operators for disaster management and control operation is to be developed. The aim of the ISAC is the development of an automated video-based traffic analysis software and the adaptation to the real-time virtual representation of the traffic situation in the tunnel. The digital image of the vehicles, their characteristics and movement trajectories play a important role in this process. In order to achieve this goal, characteristics of the vehicles which are measured in the portal area of ​​the tunnel by means of complementary sensor techniques (laser scanners, thermal imaging cameras) by project partner SPI are accepted and the individual vehicles are tracked across the tunnel via image processing methods across the tunnel. Based on this digital data basis, traffic parameters can be derived as well as traffic-related hazard potentials can be detected. Subsequently, the data determined here are transmitted via a communication interface to the human-machine-interface developed by the project partner HFC.

By investigating new event detection algorithms and embedding new sensor data in the tunnel portal area, a very wide range of security scenarios are being considered, making the AUTUKAR project an important contribution to increasing the security level of critical infrastructures.

  Virtual Representation of Traffic Situations and Incident Detection Using Video-Based Traffic Analysis


HFC, Berlin

SPI, Dresden


Dr.-Ing. Adrian Fazekas