Overhead Signals at Short-Term Roadworks


Effects of Overhead Signals on Traffic Flow and Road Safety at Short-Term Roadworks

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Roadworks on motorways interfere with the performance and the traffic flow on the affected stretches of road due to traffic routing changes or lane closures. As a consequence disruption of the traffic flow or accidents often occur, leading to an undesirable lengthening of journey times and thus also to an increase in road user costs. Roadworks on motorways are however unavoidable to preserve the condition of the road network. Apart from maintaining the capacity and the quality of the traffic flow, securing the roadworks plays the most important role.
The traffic law regulations of the RSA 95 stipulate the placement of various road signs and installations to secure short-term roadworks. These include in any event the use of mobile warning trailers and, depending on the situation, also the implementation of speed limits and advance warning equipment such as message signs.