Curve Marking: Traffic Experiment on "Panoramastraße"

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  Bird's eye view of the test track Copyright: © ISAC
  Curve marking - close up Copyright: © ISAC  

How can danger spots be defused and curves made safer for motorcyclists? In a traffic test unique in Düren, the Institute of Highway Engineering and Strassen.NRW are investigating this question: On a section of the L218 ("Panoramastraße") between Vossenack and Schmidt, which is known as an accident black spot, new types of road markings are to defuse the dangerous situation.

Until now, motorcyclists have had particularly frequent accidents on this section of road when they cut the curves and collide with oncoming traffic. After extensive analyses of driving behavior, a new marking sign was designed to encourage motorcyclists to choose a safe curve line. If motorcyclists keep to the right of the markings, sufficient distance is maintained from the oncoming lane and the potential danger in curves is significantly reduced.

The test series is scheduled to run for a total of twelve months. The new markings were applied last week. The next step will be to evaluate the effectiveness of the measures. Thermal imaging cameras record the speed, position and driving behavior of road users; personal data is not recorded. In the long term, the question of whether such markings will be permanently incorporated into German traffic law will be investigated.