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Problem Definition

Today there is no serious mobility alternative to the private car in the Münsterland region, especially in terms of surface area. Past developments have mostly concentrated on solving individual local challenges and the citizen as a user has rarely been involved in finding a solution. A holistic solution of mobility strategies is missing.

Project Objective

To rapidly increase the use of public transport. This is only possible if the needs of citizens are set as the central target. If science helps with new solutions. When experienced practical experts quickly identify relevant solutions in a design thinking process, which are tested and transferred for widespread use.

Intelligent traffic control is the prerequisite for an efficient and attractive rapid bus system. The aim here is to increase attractiveness by saving time and increasing comfort. Within the scope of the project, the Institute of Roads will scientifically work out a targeted prioritization of public transport (in and out of town) through innovative and intelligent traffic telematics.


The prioritized acceleration of public transport is to be implemented by providing a digital twin for traffic and a learning-based control logic of the traffic guidance systems in inner and outer urban areas. The learning-based control logic is based on a data-scientific approach. For the first time, traffic behaviour will be analysed by means of a real-time and complete digital image of the traffic using new methodological approaches. The concepts for prioritized acceleration of public transport will first be verified in simulations and finally validated in real experiments.


Traffic detection in the study area of Weseler Straße in Münster

The Institute of Highway Engineering and the City of Münster see intelligent traffic control as the basis for an efficient and attractive rapid bus network. In this context, preparations were made in February 2022 for a weak-point analysis and for subsequent intelligent traffic control on Weseler Straße between the Geiststraße and Moltkestraße intersections. With the support of the operator, detection units were installed on six lampposts of Stadtnetze Münster GmbH to record the traffic in this area. The installation of further detection units is planned for the summer of 2022. The detection units used are based on thermal cameras, which ensure all requirements for data protection.