Past Research Projects

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Application Criteria for Construction Operating Forms

BAG-Controls - Increased safety in the performance of BAG-Controls

Bridge Guard - Automatic guidance and control system for bridges with structural deficiencies

Contribution to Winter Service - Exploring the potential of geothermal energy as a contribution to winter service

Development of New Guidelines for Road Construction - Part: Profitability calculations (RAS-W) with updating of utility and cost components

DROVA - Development of a drone-based traffic analysis to optimize the use of existing infrastructure by federal highways with evaluation of the suitability for online traffic monitoring

Impacts of Longer Trucks - Effects of longer trucks on traffic safety and traffic flow at work sites

Electronic Detection and Warning System - Electronic Detection and Warning System of False Drivers on Motorways Using Radio Technology

Examination of Habituation Effects - Investigation of Habituation Effects when Using Fluorescent Materials

I2V - Requirements of automated driving to traffic infrastructure

Interchanges of Rural Roads - Level of Service of grade-separated and compact grade-separated interchanges of rural roads

Lighting of Night Construction Sites - Requirements for the lighting of night construction sites on motorways

MeBeSafe - Measures for Behaving Safely in Traffic

Overhead Signals at Short-Term Roadworks - The effects of overhead signals on traffic flow and road safety at short-term roadworks

Phase Models - Development of phase models for the establishment of workstations and refinement of the rules for workplace safety

Psychological Effect - Psychological Impact of Length of Construction Sites, Stagings and Arrangements on Traffic Participants

REALMOVES - Realtime Measurement of Road Quality using on-board vehicle sensors

Risk Assessments - Fundamentals for simulations-based accident risk assessments

Road Safety - Traffic safety on B2 + 1 routes in North Rhine-Westphalia

Safety Assessment of Counter-Traffic Separation in Workplaces

SMANCY - Preliminary study on the conceptual design and implementation of an automated and context-sensitive warning and information system for road users

Traffic Control Systems - The impact of failures on the quality of active traffic control systems

Traffic Flow Assessment - Procedures for the evaluation of the traffic flow on motorways as an all-year analysis for different boundary conditions

Traffic Flow and Traffic Safety at Workplaces - Traffic Flow and Traffic Safety at Workplaces on Motorways under Different Boundary Conditions

Traffic Safety in Driveways on Motorways -Traffic Safety in Driveways on Federal Highways

Vehicle Automation - Potential social benefits as a result of increasing vehicle automation