Consolidation of municipal asset data in an Open Urban Data Platform

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Problem Definition / Motivation

Structural change and the necessary redistribution of traffic areas will lead to many new planning and construction projects within the next few years. Many parties are involved in these processes (especially network operators, municipal departments). Most of them use their own (closed) data platforms or applications - the data exchange takes place manually. This results in high information and time losses, planning collisions, and thus considerable disruptions for citizens.

Project Objective

The aim of the project is to consolidate municipal asset data such as supply and disposal lines, roads and street furniture in a central platform and a common data room. This will provide all parties involved with up-to-date and reliable access to the necessary data, creating for the first time a central working data platform that will lead to a more efficient design of planning and construction measures. Based on this, precise applications will be piloted and a data room for transferability will be designed.


Existing data sets on roads, utilities and network lines will be transferred to a central "Open Urban Dataplatform", overlaid and validated. Based on concrete use cases, a collaboration process for municipal stakeholders and citizens will then be developed and implemented. The Institute of Highway Engineering is collaborating in the project on data structure and data space, especially in the area of road construction and road condition assessment. In addition, the data compiled in the project will be examined with regard to their suitability for forecasting procedures and corresponding procedures will be developed.