Harmonizing Mobility: How Traffic Data Can Promote the Coexistence of Different Road Users and a Safe Transport Infrastructure

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Problem / Motivation

Current statistics show an increased risk of accidents for weaker road users. On the one hand, this is due to changes in mobility behavior, as bicycle and e-scooter traffic is increasingly in conflict with motor vehicle traffic. On the other hand, there are hardly any data that serve as indications of risk situations (such as near-accidents). This makes it difficult to build forward-looking models to make evidence-based recommendations for safe infrastructure.

Project Objective

The HarMobi project aims to create a new basis for evaluating conflicts between different road users. Sensor and traffic flow data from bicycles, e-scooters and motor vehicles will be used to determine the behavior of road users and the influence of infrastructure. The patterns and criticality of the interactions will be fed into a learning system to better assess safety impacts for future traffic developments and planning.


A methodology for recording safety-critical events of the various road users is being developed. By overlaying this information with data on route selection and infrastructure as well as other data relevant for traffic safety, conflicts and influencing variables are analyzed. This holistic approach will be carried out in the focus region of Aachen in the "Rhenish Brown Coal Region", and the general validity of the findings will also be investigated.