Road Construction Technology

  Graphic: City, road, vehicles and construction machinery Copyright: © ISAC  

Current Research Projects

  Chart on the project Copyright: © ISAC

Adhesion - Multiscale Modelling and Characterization of Adhesion between Bitumen and Aggregate

  Graphic: Man next to the experimental stand Copyright: © ISAC

ARROWS - Numerical and Experimental Development of an "Accelerated Repeated Rolling Wheel Load Simulator"

  Photo: road with cracks Copyright: © ISAC

AsduB - Asphalt Surface on a Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement

  Photo_ Test track used within the project Copyright: © ISAC

AZwiSuB - Investigation of Asphalt Interlayers Underneath Concrete Pavements

  Construction contract flatness measurement - diagrams Copyright: © ISAC

Construction Contract Flatness Measurements - Z1kl-GS4 Expert WLP EU VVoT: Expert Supervision of a Framework Contract for Construction Contract Flatness Measurements

  Project symbol image: coal powder Copyright: © Pixabay

Biochar - New-Generation Biochar-Modified Permeable Pavement Materials

  Graphic: Construction vehicles networked via a cloud Copyright: © ISAC

Bundes-CDE - Development of a Common Database in German Road Construction

  Photo of a street with bike lane highlighted in red Copyright: © ISAC

Detection of Microplastic Emissions from Road Markings - CBI Consortium Project

  Graphic: Device for measuring the evenness of a roadway Copyright: © ISAC

EvAH - Development of a Test Method for Investigating the Fatigue Behavior of Asphalt Pavements on a Half-Scale

  Graphic on the project Copyright: © ISAC

InductInfra - Inductive Dynamic Energy Supply of Vehicles Via Road Traffic Infrastructure

  Graphic: Truck in neural network on the highway Copyright: © ISAC

Special Research Area: Digital Twin Road - Physical-Informational Mapping of the "Road of the Future" System

  Graphic on the project Copyright: © ISAC

Temperate Road - Pilot Application on duraBASt-Site


Innovation Networks

  Graphic: Street with construction vehicles and radio mast Copyright: © ISAC

5G4Construction - ZIM Innovation Network for the Use of 5G Technology in Construction Sites