Road Construction Technology

  Demonstrator construction Copyright: isac  

AKSLast - Automated weight control of heavy traffic based on dynamic axle load weighing

ARROWS - Numerische und experimentelle Entwicklung eines Accelerated Repeated Rolling Wheel Load Simulator

AZwiSuB - Investigation of asphalt interlayers underneath concrete pavements

Construction contract flatness measurements - Z1kl-GS4 Expert WLP EU VVoT: Expert supervision of a framework contract for construction contract flatness measurements

BLP acceptance - Extension of the use of the evaluated longitudinal profile for construction-related applications and comparison with the conventional acceptance procedure

B2Last® - Improving bitumen performance through chemical modification

CDZMobility - Research on digital design method of asphalt mixture based on material genome

Digital twin oscillation roller - Optimizing the use of the oscillation roller by matching the operating parameters to the asphalt properties

InductInfra - Inductive dynamic energy supply of vehicles via road traffic infrastructure

Influence on the effectiveness and durability of layer composites when using viscosity-changing organic additives in asphalt

In-Motion - Measurement of the structural substance of asphalt attachments using non-destructive methods

LASt – Long-term road damage due to dynamic wheel load fluctuations

RWTH Start-Up - Development of Pavement Surface Materials with Sensing-Capabilities for Application in Intelligent Transportation Systems

SOLMOVE - Technical assessment of energy production through photovoltaic-integrated road surfaces