Traffic Engineering

  Graphic: City, road and vehicles Copyright: © ISAC  

Current Research Projects

  Graphic: Drone detects traffic accident Copyright: © ISAC

5URVIVE - 5G-Based Comprehensive Strategy to Improve Emergency Care Survival

  Chart on the project Copyright: © ISAC


  Graphic: Bird's eye view of street intersection Copyright: © ISAC

AdaptIn - Adaptive Traffic Light Control

  Road with cars and makeshift traffic routes Copyright: © ISAC

Temporary Traffic Routes on Long-Term Work Sites - Traffic-compatible temporary traffic routing for highly congested highways

  Thermal image of a street with cars Copyright: © ISAC

BüLaMo Münsterland - Citizens' Laboratory Mobile Münsterland

  Graphic: Highway section with digital twin Copyright: © ISAC

DiTwin - Integrated recording, innovative forecasting and intuitive mapping of the condition of roads in a digital twin

  Traffic Signs Copyright: © ISAC

Habituation Effects in the Use of Fluorescent Materials - Influence of Fluorescent Signage on Driving Behavior

  Symbol image on the project Copyright: © ISAC

HarMobi - Harmonizing Mobility: How Traffic Data Can Promote the Coexistence of Different Road Users and a Safe Transport Infrastructure

  Thermal image of highway with cars Copyright: © ISAC

InTraSens - Intelligent Traffic Sensors

  Übersicht zum Projekt Copyright: © ISAC

KomIT - Consolidation of municipal asset data in an Open Urban Data Platform

  Curve markings Copyright: © ISAC

Curve Marking: Traffic Experiment on "Panoramastraße"

  Road intersection from bird's eye perspective Copyright: © ISAC

NeMo - New Approaches to Traffic Modeling Considering Complex Geometries and Data

  Chart: Tunnel surveilance with AI Copyright: © ISAC

SMaRt - Supporting the Man-in-the-loop in Roadtunnel

  Graphic: Street with traffic lights and pedestrians Copyright: © ISAC

Smart Traffic Signal Systems - Demand-Controlled Traffic Lights

  Graphic: Truck on highway surrounded by neural network Copyright: © ISAC

Special Research Area: Digital Twin Road - Physical-Informational Mapping of the "Road of the Future" System


Innovation Networks

  Graphic: Street with construction vehicles and radio mast Copyright: © ISAC

5G4Construction - ZIM Innovation Network for the Use of 5G Technology in Construction Sites