Environmental Sustainability in Transport Engineering


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Winter Semester

Course Language: English

The Course "Environmental Sustainability in Transport Engineering" is relevant for the following study courses:

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Course Topics

  1. Introduction to Sustainability
  2. Measurement of Sustainability
  3. Economic Quantification of Greenhouse Gases
  4. Environmental Prices
  5. Enviromental Product Decleration
  6. Materials in Pavement Construction
  7. Introduction to Pavement Design
  8. Life Cost Analysis in Pavement Design
  9. Whole Life Cost Analysis
  10. Social Life Cycle Analysis (SLCA) in Transport Engineering
  11. Resilience Engineering in Transport
  12. Taxonomy in Sustainable Transport Design
  13. Numerical Examples and Practical Applications
  14. Future View of Sustainable Design

Learning Objectives

  • Grasp the fundamental principles of sustainability.
  • Understand the economic, environmental, and societal consequences of transport decisions.
  • Gain knowledge of pavement structures, materials, and sustainable design principles.
  • Comprehend various cost analysis methods and their importance in evaluating the long-term implications of transport projects.
  • Recognize the need for resilient transport infrastructure and the role of standardized sustainable design approaches.
  • Apply theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios.
  • Stay informed about potential future directions and innovations in sustainable transport design.

Course Scope

  • Credit Points: 6
  • Scope: 4 SWS


Univ.Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alvaro García Hernandez

Research Assistant

Paul Leopold, M. Sc.