Construction Technology of Traffic Arrangements I



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Winter semester

The course "Construction Technology of Traffic Arrangements I" is relevant for the following study courses:

  • B.Sc. Bauingenieurwesen
  • B.Sc. Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen
  • B.Sc. Mobilität und Verkehr

The course „Construction Technology of Traffic Arrangements I “gives basic skills in the area of earthwork, rating of street construction, the selection and structure of street-building-material and the choice of the right assay.

On top of that the course delivers an insight into bituminous test methods, the examination of finished constructions and the Asphalt technology. In addition the students will get detailed insights into the standard guidelines/norms/regulations and the field of their application area.

To get the advance of the test there is a computerized homework to do. To be able to do that homework, you have to register yourself on the webportal while sending an email to the below mentioned address with your first name, name and matriculation number. As soon as the connection is finished you will receive an email with the login details.

Time scale:

  • Lecture: 2 SWS (Semester Credit Hours)
  • Exercise: 1 SWS (Semester Credit Hours)

The information booklet on "Construction Technology of Traffic Arrangements I" is available for download or can be viewed in the display case at the institute.