Construction Technology of Traffic Arrangements II

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Summer Semester

Course Language: German

The course "Construction Technology of Traffic Arrangements I" is relevant for these courses of study:

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Course Description

Building on the course "Construction Technology of Traffic Arrangements I", the course "Construction Technology of Traffic Arrangements II" provides in-depth knowledge in the areas of earthworks, dimensioning of road structures, selection and design of road construction materials and selection of testing concepts. Furthermore, students are given in-depth insights into authoritative guidelines/standards/regulations and their application. Furthermore, the topics of condition assessment, maintenance management and non-destructive testing methods are covered and a practical course is attached.

Learning Objectives

  • Dimensioning of road pavements
  • Technical comparison of construction methods
  • Independent work with laboratory equipment
  • Ability to independently select and design road maintenance measures
  • Independent selection of advanced testing methods

Course Scope

  • Credit Points: 6
  • Lecture: 3 SWS
  • Seminar: 2 SWS


Univ. Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Markus Oeser (2011-2016)

Research Assistants

Nora Braun

Paul Leopold

Dr.-Ing. Frédéric Otto

Dr.-Ing. Sabine Tekampe

Dr.-Ing. Ignacio Nilo Ruiz Riancho