Pavement Dynamics



Pengfei LIU

Chair and Institute of Highway Engineering


+49 241 80 20389



The Course "Pavement Dynamics" is relevant for the following study courses:

  • M.Sc. Civil Engineering,
  • And other study courses which are allowed

The course "Pavement Dynamics" is held in the winter semester.

Time scale:

  • Lecture: 3 SWS (Semester Credit Hours)
  • Exercise: 3 SWS (Semester Credit Hours)

Content of the lecture:

  • Introduce the basic principles of FEM for pavement analysis,
  • Explore methods of modeling elastic, plastic, visco-elastic and visco-plastic behavior of soils,
  • Discuss the principles of mechanical, hydraulic and thermal analysis of pavement structures,
  • Demonstrate the basic concepts of physically linear and non-linear analysis,
  • Explain how to effectively use analysis and design software for pavement applications under stationary and moving loads,
  • Identify the factors affecting the accuracy of numerical analysis

The information booklet on "Pavement Dynamics" is available for download on LP or can be viewed in the display case at the institute.