Module: Road Planning and Construction Technology of Traffic Arrangements

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Summer Semester: Road Planning

Winter Semester: Construction Technology

Course Language: German

The course „Road Planning and Construction Technology of Traffic Arrangements“ is relevant for the following courses of study:

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Course Description

The course "Road Planning I" of the module "Road Planning and Construction Technology of Traffic Arrangements" takes place in the summer semester. The aim of road planning in the broader sense is to meet the requirements of a road through a safe and efficient design, whereby the greatest possible consideration is to be given to people and nature, so that harmful effects are kept to a minimum or excluded from the outset.

The course "Road Planning I" imparts basic knowledge in the areas of dimensioning and routing of non-local roads. In the first part of the course, road layout and elevation plans are drawn up, taking into account aspects of driving dynamics, psychology and traffic safety. In this context, the design and calculation principles for the design of road drainage, the traffic dimensioning of rural roads and highways as well as the dimensioning of highway intersections are taught. The planning and design of roads also includes questions about the necessity of the traffic route, as well as its far-reaching effects of a technical, ecological and economic nature - because road planning is intertwined with general social developments (mobility turnaround, demographic turnaround, etc.).

On this basis, the course "Construction Technology of Traffic Arrangements I" imparts basic knowledge in the field of dimensioning and manufacturing of road structures as well as the selection and design of suitable road construction materials to be used for this purpose. The construction of a load-bearing and durable road structure serves to transfer the loads introduced into the roadway by traffic and to ensure that they are passed on to the subsoil without causing damage. The road construction ensures the availability and usability of the road infrastructure. The course provides specific content in the areas of earthwork in road construction, the dimensioning of road structures, the selection and design of road construction materials and the selection of testing concepts.

In addition to the introduction to the topics of testing methods of road construction materials (aggregates, binders,...), asphalt technology and testing of finished constructions, students are given detailed insights into authoritative technical codes and their application. Visual and practical aids are used to further consolidate the theoretical content presented in the lecture. The course Construction Technology of Traffic Arrangements I is offered in the winter semester.

The module concludes with a joint written exam. The basis for the exam is the content of both courses. In order to be admitted to the examination, the preliminary examinations of both courses must have been passed. The preliminary examination can only be taken in the semester in which the respective course is offered. The written exam, on the other hand, can be taken in either the winter or summer semester.


Contact for Further Inquiries

Road Planning I

Construction Technology I

Julian Kohlmeier


Course Scope

  • Credit Points: 8
  • Lecture: 4 SWS
  • Seminar: 2 SWS

(equally divided between winter and summer semesters)

Scientific Staff

Road Planning I:

Stefan Biermeier

Maximilian David

Jörg Ehlers

Moritz Hagmanns

Construction Technology of Traffic Arrangements I:

Nora Braun

Sabine Tekampe

Julian Kohlmeier

Paul Leopold