At the Faculty of Civil Engineering the Chair of Highway Engineering is responsible for planning methodology, road planning, traffic engineering, road construction, tunnel planning and operation.

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The Institute of Highway Engineering Aachen offers a range of courses:
Construction Technology of Traffic Arrangements II Sabine Faßbender
Construction Technology of Traffic Arrangements II Frédéric Otto
Environmental Sustainability in Transport Engineering Chonghui Wang
Financing of Traffic Infrastructure and Operations

Philipp-Armand Klee

Alexander Schnorbus

Institute Internship Adem Aslan
Planning methodology Serge Lamberty
Road Planning I

Jörg Ehlers

Road Planning II Jörg Ehlers
Seminar Road and Traffic Engineering Nicolas Carreno
Tunnel Operations and Tunnel Planning Nils Lichtenberg

Pavement Dynamics

Pengfei Liu


The webportal of the Institute of Highway Engineering Aachen is an online portal, in which the students are able to prepare their advance for the exam.

The preliminary examinations consist of computer-assisted home exercises, which are based on the particular exercises.

In order to be able to use the online offer for homework, the students need valid access data consisting of a user name (or their student number) and a password.

If you have not got the necessary access data, you can apply for it under this mail contact.

The e-mail should contain the following data:

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  • Course of studies
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In case of problems with the registration, please contact Ms Faßbender.