KEMNA-Preis 2017


*** Kemna-Preis Info ***


The roots of KEMNA Bau Andreae GmbH & Co. KG go back to the year 1867. Since then the name KEMNA stands for quality and tradition. From raw material production in quarries and gravel pits, through the production of asphalt mixes to construction work - with a focus on transport infrastructure - the company is represented at all levels of the production process with its own capacity and expertise. The KEMNA Group employs around 1.900 people.

Since 2008, the KEMNA Prize has been awarded annually for outstanding scientific achievements in the field of asphalt road construction. The prize is endowed with 1,000 euros and is given in a festive setting. The prize will be awarded to practice-oriented projects that address current questions or problems.

The main focus of the KEMNA Prize

Since KEMNA is active around the building material asphalt in the entire value chain, the company is particularly interested in all innovative approaches to the optimization of asphalt mix and the improvement of asphalt surfaces. Practical work, which tackles and focuses on current questions and problems, are of particular importance.

In this year 2017 a graduate of the Institute of Roads received this award. All employees are proud of this.