Piezoresistive Sensitive Concrete


Piezoresistive Sensitive Concrete for Traffic Monitoring

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This project aims the development of a sensitive conductive concrete, using nano carbon-based additions, able to sense strain stimuli, based on the piezoresistivity principle (electrical resistivity to deformation relationship). Although their several possible applications, this research is orientated to the development of concrete road sensors for traffic monitoring applications, able to sense axles passage, their velocity and weight.


  • A.O. Monteiro, P.B. Cachim and P.M.F.J. Costa: Electrical properties of cement-based composites containing carbon black particles, 5th International conference on Advanced Nanomaterials, Aveiro - Portugal, 2014.
  • A.O. Monteiro, P.B. Cachim and P.M.F.J. Costa: Carbon Nanoparticles Cement-Based Materials for Service Life Monitoring, International conference on Materials, Systems and Structures in Civil Engineering, Lyngby - Denmark, 2016.
  • A.O. Monteiro, P.B. Cachim and P.M.F.J. Costa: Self-Sensing Piezoresistive Cement Composite Loaded with Carbon Black Particles, accepted for publication in Cement and Concrete Composites, 2016.
  • A.O. Monteiro, P.B. Cachim, P.M.F.J. Costa and M. Oeser: Sensitive Smart Concrete Loaded with Carbon Black Nanoparticles for Traffic Monitoring Purposes, Portuguese Meeting on Structural Concrete, Coimbra - Portugal, 2016.



FCT – Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology


University of Aveiro, Civil Engineering Department


André Monteiro

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