New Approaches to Quality Control in Road Construction

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The aim of the research project is to test five decisive pavement parameters - pavement width, thickness, transverse profile, longitudinal evenness and degree of compaction - not only after completion of the paving process by means of screed and rollers, but to use a new solution approach to allow quality monitoring to be carried out throughout the entire construction process.

In the targeted research project, new measuring methods are to be developed so that the overall research objective - comprehensive quality monitoring at the end of the paving process, i.e. during the rolling operation - can be reliably achieved. The final rolling pass provides the actual value for the five pavement parameters established, which can be compared with the specified target values. In the event of unacceptable deviations, targeted correction is then possible in real time already during the paving process at one or, if necessary, also simultaneously at several points of the paving process.